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The Huge Cocklopedia of Discounts

What I’m trying to say with that fucked up title is here is a sweet listing discounts on big dick porn.

I’m not that well versed on the intricacies of the primal instincts of man beyond, eat, sleep, procreate, let alone the detail of our base sexual attractions.

I very intelligent colleague (in the porn industry) tells me that there is a primal attraction to the penis for both sexes and and that it is not homosexual for men as many would presume the implication.

It is rather in that it is what physically defines manhood and since the dawn of time size mattered and still does.

That might explain why this genre is quite popular and that dominating men and submissive woman alike get more aroused by monster cock porn.

It would also explain why straight men are not bothered by seeing another man’s dick in heterosexual porn.

King Dong

king dong
These aren’t just big dicks, they’re the kings of cocks, and they put the hottest porn stars in the business through a rigorous fuck test. These ladies may have fucked lots of men, but they haven’t been up against thick cocks this big!
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They may try the whole porn acting fakery, but when those big dicks hit home they can’t fake that deep a fuck. Just watch their faces when they’re pussy pounded with these monster cocks, it’s unreal!
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Monsters of Cock

monsters of cock
Look, girls like big dicks the way men like big tits. They’re rare to see, and fun to play with. It’s somewhat like a challenge. Any girl is wondering just how deep they can fit a monster cock in their pussy, or if it will stretch that wide at all…
monsters of cock
These are the girls that take up that challenge. Slobbing those big dicks in their mouths as much as they can, they really have to prepare themselves to ease in shafts this large. These guys are just hung, and when these girls scream they’re not just faking it!
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Big Cock Crew

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Are these big dicks for real? The answer is: Yes! No photoshop here, just massive cocks stuffed into tight holes. Just look at their faces – that ain’t acting! These girls really get pussy stretched by these giant penises.
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This is the Big Cock Crew, and their job is to mercilessly fuck any girl who thinks they can handle a massive cock. These big dicks don’t play, any hole they encounter is pounded into submission while the girls groan and moan in a mix of pain and pleasure!
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